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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and a major economic hub, so it’s home to a wide variety of retail stores, ranging from large shopping malls and department stores to small boutiques and specialty shops. A clean and well-maintained retail store is extremely important and enhances customer experience. 

Let us provide you with high quality service by helping you maintain clean and hygienic stores so that you can focus on what you do best, helping your customers. Whatever your schedule, we will be there to ensure the best environment for you and your business.

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Quality focused and hassle free are two key tenets of Fox Cleaning, and we are ready to bring those qualities to your retail store cleaning needs. We will tailor the perfect solution to help meet the needs of whatever you require for your workspace.

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Why Do You Need Retail Store Commercial Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of your retail store shapes the initial impression customers have of your business. However, maintaining a clean and tidy store is about much more than just appearances. It’s essential for providing a positive shopping experience that keeps customers returning. In today’s world, where hygiene and health are very important, a clean store creates a welcoming and safe environment for customers to shop and explore.

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning surfaces in a retail store is crucial for ensuring a good customer experience, maintaining a strong brand image, and safeguarding the health and safety of customers and employees. It prevents the spread of germs, keeps inventory in good condition and reduces accident risks. A clean store signifies professionalism which contribute to the overall success of the retail business.

Floor Cleaning

Just as with surfaces, lots of in and out traffic in your store can cause significant wear and tear on your floors. Not to mention mud, slush and snow from Canadian winters wreaking havoc on the cleanliness of your store. Regardless of the surface we will bring the proper tools for the job in order to ensure your floors are spotless once our team has finished the job.

Kitchen and Washroom Cleaning

Beyond thecustomer areas, if your store is equipped with a kitchen, kitchenette and/or washrooms we are more than capable of helping you tackle those areas. It is essential to maintain high hygienic standards in these areas which receive use from a larger number of people than in residential spaces. Our team will not only ensure these areas are clean, they will save you the time and effort of having to worry about them yourself.

Why Choose Fox Clean Co.?

When it comes to retail store spaces, we are experienced in all sizes, shapes and requirements, ranging from large department stores to more specialised shops like vape stores. We specialize in recurring cleaning in which we arrive on a regular interval and leave you with a store that is clean. We use software and systems to ensure that processes on our end are as seamless as possible to provide a hassle free experience for you. From ease of payment to timely and transparent quoting we believe that we provide the most professional cleaning solutions you can find in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today and experience the Fox difference.

Why Choose Fox Clean Co.

While many other commercial cleaning providers exist, you will find that it is our dedication to quality and commitment to a great customer experience that sets us apart. Meet with us and experience the Fox difference.

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